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The Full Story

The Full Monty
(all about us)

Heyup! How's it going chaps? A very warm, northern welcome from me, Matt Randolph (aka M:R), from both our hometowns - Sheffield, the 5th largest, most hilliest and most greenest city in the UK - just F.Y.I.

I sincerely hope you love my products as much as I do and already have 2 or 3 of your new favourites or 'lucky' pairs!

M:R was born in the midst of covid, sometime round 2020 and has been my baby ever since. I've always yearned for employment in something arty to quench my need to create but, outside of London, there isn't all that much available and with a pretty rubbish grade for my University degree  in  Fashion design, back in 2012 (where my main agenda was to live carefree, provocatively and often inebriated) - I didn't have much to my CV. Then, years later, the initiative of M:R came to fruition...

M:R Matt Randolph


I believe that every man deserves to feel comfortable and confident, no matter the occasion and feeling sexy is not just for women. We're still quite unfamiliar to the world of men's underwear wearers and have a long road ahead - but if someone (as I initially type this out) somewhere in the world is currently wearing their favourite pair which are, incidentally, M:R's then  that gives me the very best of feelings.



Underwear should be more than just a basic staple. It is such an opportunity to accentuate the wearers identity, just as much as their shoes or t-shirts do. Whether you're modest, outrageous, butch or effeminate:- My goal is to keep a variety of personality traits identifiable throughout my briefs, boxers, jocks and asymmetricals. 

M:R Matt Randolph
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